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Here... You're Not Just Building a Business; You're Crafting a Legacy. This is your go-to community for leveling up in business and life. Whether you're a startup business, an industry icon, or somewhere in between, this is where you get the Clarity, Confidence, Clients, and Coins to pursue multiple 6 or your first 7-figures. Ready to shine? You're in the right place.


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Get Ready to Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

The Brand Your Brilliance Collective is the sanctuary for black entrepreneurs committed to shattering stereotypes and redefining the narrative of black owned businesses. Here, we're not just building businesses; we're fueling economic empowerment and creating legacies. Whether you're closing in on six figures or eyeing seven, you’ll find the Clarity and the Confidence to get you in front of the right Clients that will double or triple your Coins. We have everything you need for transformative growth. Experience world-class coaching, cutting-edge masterclasses, and a community that not only supports, but also celebrates you. Come, be part of the collective that's changing the game for black entrepreneurs.

Ready to defy limits and define success?

I'm Ready to Shine!

“We had a month with $239K in sales.”

I came to Dr. LaNée with the goal of achieving a 6 figure month in my business. I was clear on my vision but my brand wasn’t clear, so I wasn’t making the sales and attracting the attention that I knew I was capable of. Dr. LaNée helped me to find a name that fit my brand as well as develop a BOMB brand. Once we were done I was able to relaunch my business and not just achieve the 6-figure month, but hit multiple 6 figures in a month, doubling my goal with $239K in sales.

- C. MUHAMMAD, The Wealth Doula


Not just in wealth...But in purpose, impact, freedom, and fulfillment.


Shining is about fulfilling your true potential in every aspect of life—business, time, influence, peace, and joy.

Picture a life where your goals are more than just hopes and dreams—they're your reality.

Where you're not only reaching your milestones but also empowering those around you.

Where your unique light isn't just visible, but impossible to ignore.

Imagine standing out in your field, lighting up your community, and setting a new standard of excellence.

Have you ever dreamed of living your life on your own terms—having the freedom to manage your time, elevate your influence, and relish in moments of pure joy?

If this feels like the path you're destined for... Welcome to The Brand Your Brilliance Collective—where you won't just meet your goals; you'll exceed them.

Here, we don't just dream; we illuminate the path for actionable, transformational success. It's not just about building wealth; it's about being a lighthouse of brilliance in a world that needs your light and what you offer.

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The Brand Your Brilliance Collective

Transforming Ambition into Economic Power,

One Black Business at a Time.

Although the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States is black women. WE HAVE WORK TO DO! According to a 2023 report by JPMorgan Chase, the number of black women-owned businesses grew by 58% between 2019 and 2021, compared to 23% growth for all businesses. However, we are not making as much money or hiring as fast as the rest of the business community. There IS an opportunity for us to make more money and provide jobs to our community.

Members of the Brand Your Brilliance Collective are: 

- Visionary entrepreneurs eager to elevate not just their profits, but their impact.

- Outstanding individuals committed to fortifying their circle of influence with equally driven peers.

- Resilient leaders focused on constructing a legacy of wealth, wisdom, and empowerment for future generations.

- Fully invested in both their individual brilliance and collective economic upliftment.

This is the sanctuary where your light is meant to shine. If you haven't achieved your version of entrepreneurial brilliance—yet—but desire a proven pathway to get there, Welcome to The Diamond Collective.

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What You Unlock in the Brand Your Brilliance Collective:

A Brilliant Business Shine So You Standout in Your Industry!

Gain the strategic tools, a vibrant community, and expert guidance to turn your vision into tangible success.

Elevate to Brilliance: Your Comprehensive Roadmap

  • A rich tapestry of coaching modules that take you from mastering your mindset to effective marketing, sales magnetism, team building, and scalable growth.
  • Vision to Venture Business Accelerator: Tailored strategies that have propelled The Brilliant Collective into a bastion of entrepreneurial empowerment.
  • Your customized SHINE Goals blueprint, pin-pointing your current stage and outlining actionable steps to ascend to your next level.

Community of Brilliance: The Heartbeat of Success

  • A curated virtual community that thrives on excellence and inspirational collaboration.
  • Monthly CEO Workspace sessions and exclusive networking events, aligning you with a community of luminaries in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Diamond-Level Coaching: For Leaders, By Leaders

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions and monthly Expert Masterclass Sessions, delivering real-time, actionable insights.
  • VIP seats at our Black PowHER Business Conference and Level-Up Strategic Summit (aka LUSTR Summit), ensuring you’re at the vanguard of industry advancements.

PLUS Special Add-Ons...

  • Quarterly Brilliance Box, packed with essentials for peak performance and well-being.
  •  Access to a Kickoff Day to integrate you into the community effortlessly.

BONUS: Million Dollar Strategy Masterclasses

From mastering high-ticket sales with "Gems of High-Value Sales" to elevating your content strategy with the "Sparkling Brilliance Content Planning Workshop," these masterclasses are your fast track to the upper echelons of business leadership and growth: 

  • Strategic AF™: Turn Your Dreams into Reality
  • Launchology: The A-Z of a Succesful Launch
  • Like a Boss: Develop the Mindset of a Unbreakable Diamond
  • Author Camp: Comprehensive Guide to Self-publishing.
  • 6 Figure Event Plan: Mastering Event Planning for Success
  • Sparkling Social: Master The Art of Content Planning

This is more than a program. It's an incubator for those ready to achieve brilliance and make a transformative impact on both their lives and the world. Welcome to The Diamond Collective.

“Dr. LaNée Javet is the best business coach.”

I started a business mastermind and I thought I would walk in and hit the ground running. However, because I was pivoting from one business to another I found out quickly that I was without clarity and strategy, and to be honest I was struggling. I was excited when I ran across Dr. LaNée Javet. After meeting with her and discussing my vision, shortly after she delivered a strategy package beyond my wildest expectations. Working with her gave me the clarity I needed to create the business I wanted, the one that was jumbled in my head. If you are searching for clarity and need a strategy to bring your vision to life I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. LaNée Javet, she is the best business strategy coach. You will not be disappointed. 

–  DAISY JONES BROWN, Brown Suga Wellness

You could be shining a MILLION times brighter! 

No matter your journey so far...

No matter where you're beginning from, your capacity to radiate financial brilliance knows no bounds.

If you've persevered through the exhausting cycle of excessive work, insufficient earnings, financial pressure, and the relentless struggle for far too long...

If you've navigated the intricate business terrain without a guiding star to light your path...

If you've longed for a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs to propel you toward your next level...

The Brand Your Brilliance Collective is your extended entrepreneurial family, a united community, and your catalyst for transformative change.

We welcome those who aspire to transition from a hundredaire to a thousandaire on their journey to becoming a millionaire.


Our Mission is Simple...

To empower and support Black entrepreneurs in achieving economic prosperity, building successful businesses, and changing the narrative around negative stereotypes. 
Results of the Brand Your Brilliance Collective

 The 4C Diamond Method

The Brilliance Collective is an exclusive program engineered to put black service-based entrepreneurs on track to 6 and 7 figures. With our specialized 4C Brilliance Method, we arm you with the tools, actionable strategies, and elite coaching and mentorship you need to achieve crystal-clear clarity, unshakeable confidence, premium client acquisition, and coins to match. We're not just elevating your business; we're elevating the narrative around black entrepreneurship. Are you ready to shine your brightest and set new standards in black business excellence as you embark on your six or seven-figure journey?

When joining The Briliant Collective, you'll see the following results...

Result #1 Clarity

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from having a laser-focused vision for your business. No more second-guessing or scattered efforts; you'll know exactly what you're striving for and how to get there. Your purpose won't just be clear to you—it'll resonate with every action you take, creating a cohesive brand that clients trust.

Result #2 Confidence

You'll walk away with a kind of self-assurance that turns heads—clients, competitors, everyone will notice. Gone will be the days of hesitating before raising your prices or presenting a pitch. You'll own every room you enter, fortified by a deep-seated belief in the value you bring. Your newfound confidence won't just be a façade; it'll be a deeply rooted part of your brand's identity.

Result #3 Clients

You'll experience the joy and financial rewards of attracting clients who appreciate your worth and are eager to invest in your premium services. No more grinding for every lead or settling for less-than-ideal clients just to keep the lights on. You'll have a pipeline of high-value clients who are aligned with your vision and ready to embark on a transformative journey with you.

Result #4 Coins

Financial freedom won't just be a dream—it'll be your daily reality. Imagine having the luxury to invest back into your business, take deserved vacations, or even extend your impact through philanthropy. You won't just be increasing numbers in a bank account; you'll be expanding your realm of possibilities and influence.

Who We Serve...

While our community primarily comprises black women, we wholeheartedly embrace black men entrepreneurs as well. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, whether your aim is six figures or seven figures, whether you're hustling on the side or fully committed to entrepreneurship – you belong here.

We proudly stand as the exclusive community, driven by a legacy mindset, dedicated to shattering stereotypes, and committed to the Brilliace Initiative. It's a place where individuals who share their dreams, experiences, and ambitions unite to uplift each other on the path to success.

At the heart of the Brand, Your Brilliance Collective beats the rhythm of Black Excellence, Black Love, and Black Economic Empowerment

I Want in The Collective!

Who is Dr. LaNée Javet & Brand Your Brilliance

Hey Love! I'm Dr. LaNée Javet,

Listen, you and I are cut from the same cloth. We both started with nada—just a dream and the sheer audacity to think we could turn that dream into something phenomenal. Been there, watched endless YouTube videos, pulled myself up, and pieced together a legacy, all without a roadmap. But what I did have was a fire in my belly, a vision in my mind, and a deep-rooted belief that I was destined for epicness.

So, here I am: an unapologetically black audacious business coach, strategist, author, and speaker, armed with a decade-plus of hard-earned wisdom. What's my mission? It's crystal clear—to empower black entrepreneurs with the no-nonsense, actionable strategies you need to fast-track your way to economic empowerment and freedom. And believe me, my journey to this point was anything but smooth. I've been a high school dropout, a dancer, a single mom, a cancer warrior, and now a triple-degree holder. Every stumble, and every struggle, added another layer to my resilience and intensified my drive to get to this point so I can uplift you.

That’s exactly why I created the 4C Briliant Method™ and the Brand Your Brilliance Collective. I'm handing you the blueprint I never had. With Clarity, Confidence, Clients, and Coins in your toolkit, you won't just reach your goals—you'll crush 'em. This ain’t just talk; it's a proven formula that's reignited my life and the business of countless go-getters like us.

I’m not just here to help you make it; I’m here to help you own it. Together, we’ll navigate the ups and downs, finesse your strategic mind, and make monumental strides in your pursuit of generational wealth.

So, what's the word? Are you ready to elevate your hustle from a simmering spark to a blazing diamond?

If that's a "yes," then it's time we align and let your brilliance light up the universe!

Dr. LaNée Javet

So let’s break this down!

Here's what you'll receive in the Brand Your Brilliance Collective:

  • 4 x In-depth Coaching sessions a month with weekly meetings  ($3,000 value x 12)
  • 2 x Expert Masterclass with a Brand Your Brilliance Business Coach or expert per month ($1,500 value x 12)
  • 2 x CEO Virtual Coworking Workspaces per month ($1,000 value x 12)
  • Access to a private and exclusive community for the Brand Your Brilliance Collective where networking, discussions, and connecting with other diamonds take place (priceless value)
  • Access to the Brand Your Brilliance training videos, materials, resources, and templates (priceless value)

Plus this fabulous collection of bonuses are included...

  • Bonus #1: Access to the Vision to Venture Business Accelerator ($1,164 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Quarterly Brilliance & Shine CEO Box ($600 Value)
  • Bonus #3: 6 Million Dollar Strategy Work Sessions ($1,600 Value)
  • Bonus #4: 2 VIP Tickets to Black PowHER Business Conference and the LUSTR Summit ($799 Value)

And let's not forget this Free Opportunity when you enroll now:

  • Limited-time Bonus: Monthly 1/2 hour 1-on-1 Coaching with Dr. LaNée for the first 12-months ($4,500 Value)
Last chance love...

Listen, if you've made it to this part of the page, it means you're serious about making a quantum leap in your business. You understand the unprecedented value the Brand Your Brilliance Collective provides, and you're ready to create a new narrative for your business while rewriting the narrative surrounding black entrepreneurship.

The creation of the Brand Your Brilliance Collective wasn't an overnight endeavor. I've invested years of research, hundreds of coaching hours, thousands of dollars in education and conferences, plus let's not forget real-life trial and error to formulate a program that is nothing short of transformative. In essence, the Brand Your Brilliance Collective is a masterful blend of invaluable insights and practical strategies, painstakingly crafted over years—you won't find this type of wisdom anywhere else.

To hire a business strategist, financial advisor, marketing guru, and life coach individually, you're easily looking at a price tag that would make your eyes water. We're talking upwards of $60,000 to $100,000.

The Brand Your Brilliance Collective packages all of this expert guidance into one incredible program for a fraction of that price at just $12,500. We offer you a one-stop shop to overhaul your business strategy, supercharge your mindset, attract loyal clients, and bring in consistent, life-changing income.

The TOTAL value of this 12-month program is $77,663

Total Investment For The Diamond Collective Is Only $12,500

Join the Brand Your Brilliance Collective

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

The Diamond Collective is entirely risk-free and comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. We strive for 100% client satisfaction and hope that our program extremely transforms your life and business. We also expect that you put your best foot forward and give this program everything you've got, just as we have while creating it. That's why to be eligible for our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee, you must... continue the terms of your refund policy here.

This program is for you if...
  • You're aspiring to break the barriers of mediocrity and rewrite the narrative surrounding black businesses.

  • You're hungry for seven-figure success, regardless of whether you're still striving for six-figures. 

  • You've tasted a sliver of profit but understand that it takes more than luck and baseline skill to build a sustainable, seven-figure empire.

  • You lack clarity in your goals, and confidence in your pricing, or struggle with attracting your ideal clients and need a transformative solution.

  • You want to be a part of a community that echoes the essence of black excellence, empowering each other to shine brighter than we ever could alone.

    If these statements resonate with you, then The Diamond Collective isn't just an option—it's your pathway to unparalleled brilliance. Welcome home...

This program is not for you if...
  • You're looking for a quick fix, a "get-rich-quick" scheme, or shortcuts to success without putting in the work and dedication it takes to build a 6 or 7-figure business.

  • You're not committed to improving and growing both personally and professionally, and you're resistant to change or new ways of thinking.

  • You're skeptical about the power of strategic planning, structured guidance, and actionable tools tailored specifically for service-based entrepreneurs.

  • You're unwilling to invest time, energy, and resources into your own success and would rather stick to your comfort zone, even if it means limiting your potential.

  • You're not ready to take full responsibility for your own success and are looking for someone else to do the work for you.

    If any of these points ring true for you, then The Diamond Collective may not be the best fit. Our mission is to guide driven, committed individuals focused on reaching 6- and 7-figures, empowering them to shine brilliantly in their industry. This program is a transformative investment that requires an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Next steps!

How It All Works

Step 1
Apply for The Brilliant Collective

Click the Join button and complete the checkout process. In minutes, you'll get an email with the next steps and your login credentials.

Step 2
Get To Work

This program is not self-paced. Jump in, and join us! Review the coaching material, watch the video training and attend as many LIVE sessions as possible.

Step 3
Achieve Your Goals

My goal is to help you surpass yours. My team and I are here to assist you in every way that we can. We believe in your success and know you will succeed. 

Still on the fence?

Read What a Few of Our Students Have to Say:

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One Payment

Save $2,500 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)


Most Flexible


12 Monthly Payments

Pay only $1,250 today! Then just 11 more payments of $1,250.

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