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Design A Business You Love

Each service is designed to take you and your business from a diamond in the rough to a radiant jewel that shines bright like the diamond you are in your industry.

The Diamond Quest

1 Hour Face-to-Face via Zoom $495


An immersive journey designed for individuals in the early interest stages of entrepreneurship, seeking to explore the boundless realm of possibilities and uncover their hidden potential. Embark on this transformative quest, driven by a burning desire to pursue your dreams and discover the treasures that lie within. The Diamond Quest Strategy is tailored to those who are just getting started, providing a compass to navigate the challenges and opportunities that await.



Through a series of carefully crafted exercises, reflections, and guidance, The Diamond Quest Strategy empowers you to clarify your business goals, envision the future you desire, and chart a course toward entrepreneurial success.


The Process
  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Identify Your Passions and Talents
  • Uncover Opportunities
  • Assess Feasibility
  • Define Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Map Your Diamond Action Plan



“The best business strategy coach!”

I was pivoting from one business to another and found out quickly that I was without clarity and strategy, and to be honest, I was struggling. After meeting and discussing my vision with Dr. LaNée she delivered a strategy package that was beyond my wildest expectations. Working with her gave me the clarity I needed to create the business I wanted, the one that was jumbled in my head. If you are searching for clarity and need a strategy to bring your vision to life I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. LaNée, she is the best business strategy coach. You will not be disappointed.

–  DAISY JONES BROWN, Brown Suga Wellness

Mining For Diamonds

3 hours Face-to-Face via Zoom $1995


An intensive process designed to unlock the hidden treasures within your established business. Just like a diamond mine holds precious gems beneath the surface, your business possesses valuable resources and opportunities that may not be fully realized.  The Mining for Diamonds Strategy uncovers the true potential of your business and empowers you to leverage these diamonds to achieve operational excellence, revenue growth, and strategic success.



We dig deep into your business ecosystem, sorting through this wealth of information as we identify the gems that hold the most value for your business, then extract them to support key areas such as operations, revenue generation, product development, and overall business growth. It's all about taking what you already have and turning it into pure gold (or in this case, diamonds).


The Process
  • Market Mastery, to understand your customers and competitors, and spot opportunities and challenges in your market/industry.

  • Customer Uncovering, to dissect your customer data, and reveal potential growth areas and opportunities for improvement.

  • Insight Illumination, to go through the extracted data, identify patterns, and insights, to form a strategic plan.

  • Operational Optimization, to maximize the value of your current resources, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Strategic Shaping, to craft a custom action plan that leads to new revenue streams, optimized operations, improved customer experience, and business growth.



“We had a month with $239K in sales.”

I came to LaNée with the goal of achieving a 6 figure month in my business. I was clear on my vision but my brand wasn’t clear, therefore I wasn’t making the sales and attracting the attention that I knew I was capable of. LaNee helped me to find a name that fit my brand as well as a BOMB brand statement. She helped me to choose brand colors, led me to a great photographer, and helped me with my brand photoshoot. Once we were done I was able to relaunch my business and not just achieve the 6-figure month, but hit multiple 6 figures in a month. I actually doubled my goal shortly after working with LaNee. We were able to have a month with $239K in sales

–  CHEYENNE MUHAMMAD, The Wealth Doula

Diamond Mapping

In-Person 6-Hour VIP Day $6,995


A comprehensive exploration that unlocks the secrets of your WHOLE business and its market. This session is designed to provide you with a detailed map of the key elements essential for success, including your target audience, competition, market trends, customer preferences, and growth opportunities. During the VIP Day, I will guide you through a strategic journey of discovery and analysis, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of your business landscape.



By the end of The Diamond Mapping Strategy Session, you will possess a clear and comprehensive map of your business and its market. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions, develop targeted strategies, and capitalize on opportunities for growth.


The Process
  • You come to me or I come to you
  • Luxury Boardroom Meeting Space
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Map Unique Selling Points and Value Proposition
  • Map Product/Service Offering
  • Map Customer Journey
  • Map Sales and Marketing Channels
  • Business Resource Mapping
  • Lunch or Dinner with you and/or up to 3 members of your team

Let me guide you in mapping out your path to success, where every step is guided by a deep understanding of your business and the market it operates in. Get ready to chart a course for growth and seize the diamonds that await you.



In less than 3 months, we hit our  goal.

After nearly 30 years, my dream of owning a pharmacy has come true. Thanks to my business guru, the GOAT Dr. LaNée Javet. During our very first strategy session, I knew right away that this woman was phenomenal. She is a gifted business strategist that has the secret sauce to my business needs. In less than 3 months, we hit our major strategic goals from brand development to product development, and best of all I am preparing to launch my own pharmacy store in a few weeks!

–  FARIDA SARAMOU, The Real PharmD

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